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Ruby Swirl Symphony

Ruby Swirl Symphony


The Ruby Swirl Symphony is a custom-designed floral masterpiece presented in a hand-blown vase with captivating red and white swirls. This arrangement is a harmonious blend of elegance and energy, featuring striking red roses and vibrant gerbera daisies. White stargazers add a touch of purity and sophistication to the ensemble.

Seeded eucalyptus provides a delicate fragrance and a soft texture, enhancing the overall visual appeal. Equisetum, with its slender and graceful form, weaves through the arrangement, adding a touch of modern flair.

This arrangement is a celebration of contrast, combining the passionate allure of red hues with the timeless beauty of white blooms. The handcrafted vase adds an extra layer of artistry, making the Ruby Swirl Symphony a captivating and bespoke floral display.


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