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Blog » Boss' Day, Gifting Plants

Boss' Day, Gifting Plants

Boss' Day, Gifting Plants

Plant related Gifts for Boss' Day

Plants make wonderful gifts for various occasions, including Boss's Day. They not only add a touch of nature to the office but also offer several benefits such as improving air quality, boosting mood, and enhancing productivity. Here's a list of plant-related gifts that would be perfect for Boss's Day:

Potted Plants

Succulents: These are hardy plants that require minimal maintenance. Their unique shapes and varieties can be a great talking point.

Peace Lily: Known for its elegant white blooms, it's also excellent for improving indoor air quality.

ZZ Plant: This plant is known for its glossy leaves and tolerance to low light conditions, making it ideal for office settings.

Desk Gardens

Miniature Zen Garden: This can have a small plant alongside sand, pebbles, and a tiny rake for creating patterns. It's great for taking short breaks and practicing mindfulness.

Bonsai Tree: A symbol of patience and growth; it's a beautiful, living piece of art.


These are glass containers that house a mini ecosystem. Depending on the design, they can have succulents, ferns, moss, or even air plants. They're visually appealing and can be a source of relaxation.

Air Plants (Tillandsia)

These unique plants don't require soil and get most of their nutrients from the air. They can be placed in decorative holders or hung in geometric metal frames.

Herb Garden Kits

If your boss loves cooking, an indoor herb garden kit can be a delightful gift. They can grow basil, mint, rosemary, and other herbs right on their office windowsill.

Plant Subscription Box

A monthly subscription box that delivers a new plant or plant-related item to your boss's office. This can be a delightful surprise to look forward to.

Plant-inspired Decor

If a live plant seems like too much responsibility, consider gifts like plant-themed artwork, botanical calendars, or plant-patterned stationery.


If your boss is a budding plant enthusiast, consider gifting a book on houseplants, their care, or the science and beauty of plants. Titles like "The Sill: How to Raise Plants and Make Friends" or "Plant Parenting" could be ideal.

Plant Care Accessories

Decorative watering cans, mister bottles for humidity-loving plants, or unique plant pots can all be thoughtful gifts.

Personalized Planters

You can get a planter personalized with your boss's name or a meaningful quote. It adds a personal touch to the gift.

Remember, it's not just the plant that counts but also the thought and effort behind the gift. Including a personalized note expressing gratitude or appreciation can elevate any present.

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